TAP into the X-Factor of Human Performance

ReThink specializes in cultivating the X factor. Leveraging the latest neuroscience and psychological research into how thought, feelings and behavior actually interact, we train our clients in using advanced emotional competencies to perform better under market and competitive pressures.

Historically focused on traders and portfolio managers, ReThink’s out-of-the-box approach has improved the performance of bank and proprietary traders, hedge fund managers and even independents. Despite the widespread notion that emotions don’t belong in risk decisions, ReThink consistently receives rave reviews for solving the seemingly unsolvable. Our founder’s book, Market Mind Games, has been called “a veritable Rosetta Stone of trading psychology”, “a game changer”and “ahead of its time”.

Leveraging an uncommon set of assessment, coaching and  training services, ReThink picks up where other mental skills programs fall short. We untangle the roots of self-doubt and fear of the unknown. We solve slumps and otherwise inexplicable mental challenges. Clients find themselves more resilient, more confident and more centered in their field of expertise.

Denise Shull heads the risk and performance psychology practice. Bill Long joined in 2012 and runs our HEADSx talent assessment offering in addition to functioning as Chief of Staff. In 2016, we launched ReThink:Sports. In 2018, we added three new coaches to our staff and in 2019 Denise now works with select corporate warriors in addition to her traditional client base of hedge funders, traders, Olympians and other professional sports personnel.

Who We Are

To develop and deliver the most effective individual and team performance coaching available.
Our founder Denise Shull was finishing her Master’s Degree in what was then called biopsychology at The University of Chicago when instead of continuing with a PhD, she opted to become one of the first proprietary electronic equity traders. Naturally, she devoured every trading psychology book she could find. In 2003, that all changed when she rewrote her Master’s thesis and discovered that science had shown all decisions require emotion – a finding in direct contrast to the enduring error of Wall St.’s “control your emotions” mantra. Read More.

Bill Long joined ReThink in 2012 and taking his experience analyzing managers, markets and economics, created our second practice in Alternative Investments. Read More.

ReThink’s team is built around people who can easily see from what is to what can be. Denise Shull’s 1995/2003 Master’s paper was cited in late 2013 as one of the first research papers of its kind. Bill Long likewise has a history of being an early visionary in finance and technology.

In the summer of 2015, Elliot Noma Ph.D. officially joined our team. A long-time friend, Elliot is bringing his expertise in mathematical psychology to our talent assessment research. In 2017, Leslie Harris and John Burns joined as additional performance coaches.

Our Services and Skills

Solve that Seemingly Unsolvable Mental Block 99
Assess if your Candidate has that X-Factor 95
Understand How Thinking and Emotion Really Create Choice and Performance 90
Decision Neuroscience, Psychological Research and Data Analysis 85

Our Press

Denise’s thought leadership has been featured in all major financial media. From the FT to CNBC to the WSJ, see excerpts from her many appearances and interviews here.

One of the latest is this overview from Forbes, Meet Denise Shull, The Real Life Performance Coach from BILLIONS.