Psychological Capital: An untapped asset to bring to every market decision

“The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.”

A Father’s Book of Wisdom, H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Conventional wisdom tells us to “remove the emotions” when it comes to investing. In Market Mind Games, Denise combines her years of study in neuroscience with her extensive trading experience to explain the basics of neuroscience and how to rethink your thinking about market risk. The spectrum that includes confidence or conviction is a feeling or emotional spectrum. Making it more explicit leads to better results.

Market Mind Games provides a pragmatic approach to develop a strategy for your mind to work in harmony with your strategy for the markets. “Games” enables you to improve your decision making by navigating the shifting relationships among reason, analysis, emotion, and intuition – giving you the knowledge to capitalize on your psychological capital.

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If you are trying to solve the unsolvable, stop. Read this first and you will learn that the surest path to success will be to start with yourself; solve that conundrum and challenges like understanding how you do and should react to markets will come to be solvable. Marvin Zonis, Professor Emeritus, Booth School of Business, The University of Chicago

Denise Shull’s gem of a book is long overdue. I just wish that Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson had read this book instead of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged or Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose. I was trained as both a neoclassical economist and classical philosopher, however, in recent years I have turned into a behavioral and neuroeconomist. This has led me to recognize the primacy of emotions and the unconscious over rationality in all decisions, both life decisions and economic decisions. So I say, “right on” to Denise. Her book has made the ability to analyze and overcome our unconscious biases and prejudices available to everyone.

Dr. Donald T. Wargo, Department of Economics, Temple University

Denise Shull’s Market Mind Games is iconoclastic to say the very least! Whether you are seasoned financial professional or a novice this book is easily read and will change your perspective on how to approach and think about the markets and your life!

Michael Levas, Founder, Sr. Managing Principal & Director of Trading, Olympian Capital Management

From the time my freshman dorm neighbor (who continuously walloped me in Backgammon), went on to become a great currency trader, I realized that trading was more about reading people and situations than financial analysis. The guy who understood what I wanted to do, could always get the better of me. Denise Shull’s Market Mind Games is the first book that I have read that puts these thoughts into context. This book is a must read for those that are, or want to, make their livelihood as a professional investor, trader or algo developer. Larry Tabb, TABB Group, Founder & CEO