~LA, Trading Desk Head, Global Commodities firm: I am eager to see what Denise discovers next. The self-knowledge gained from her material and the exercises have been of great value to me. Denise’s material is a learning process and multiple repetitions are a must. It is however WELL worth the effort.

~RW, Trading Desk Head, Top 5 Global Bank writes: Having traded for more than 15 years it is humbling and refreshing that the recent work I have done with Denise Shull has enabled me to make more progress in my trading than all my years of experience on their own.

~@bamatrader, Professional Portfolio Manager: Traders should read everything @DeniseKShull writes, opines or postulates… .

~AK, Portfolio Manager, says: Denise Shull introduces EQ into a world mired in IQ. It is a complete G-dsend when after many years of trading you are equipped with some simple and frank tools that enable you to catch beforehand – and at the very least postpone – some ego trading, frustration trading, revenge trading, boredom trading and ritualistic trading.

~CT comments:  I would like to say it was the best money I have spent on trading.

~JM sends: You really did do an incredible job. Much better than a competitor of yours has done, in my opinion.

~JZ writesDenise Shull has been a great asset to me, and I believe she would be an equally great asset to any trader willing to work to improve their results.”



~R.Franco, LiquidNet: Denise is one of those rare speakers who you always hope to find: someone who can engage, challenge, and entertain an audience all at the same time.

~B. Love, Institute for Private Investors: Denise Shull is a captivating and insightful speaker whom I would thoroughly recommend for any investor or trading audience. Denise was the keynote for our ultra-high net worth investor conference — an audience of highly discerning and critical delegates. A consummate professional and thought leader in her area, Denise was both entertaining and informative, keeping the room’s attention with a well-crafted and expertly delivered speech. Her insights move far beyond behavioral finance, breaking new ground in helping investors and traders understand the emotional and neurological reasons for their decision-making. I cannot recommend Denise highly enough.

~A. Hare, MIT: I had the great privilege to attend a presentation that Denise delivered as a guest speaker at MIT in August 2012. I and the other attendees found Denise’s presentation to be intellectually stimulating, entertaining and thought provoking.

Denise clearly has an extensive depth of knowledge and she was able to convey that knowledge in a meaningful and insightful way. I would highly recommend Denise to anyone wanting to learn and interested in a more accurate angle on risk decision making.