In 2003 at a Starbucks in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen, Denise Shull was talking to another trader about what neuroeconomics was learning about the brain, emotions and decisions. This turned out to be what did NOT work in trading psychology – the misunderstood mantra of “control your emotions”. Having just finished updating her University of Chicago Master’s thesis for academic publication, Denise itemized how most of the conventional wisdom regarding rationality versus emotion was out-dated.

The trader told her she had to write an article. She replied “who will publish an article by me?!” The next thing she knew, she was speaking with an investing magazine’s editor and she had the opportunity to temporarily be what she originally wanted to be when she grew up – a magazine writer. When the article ran in late 2004, her phone began ringing with inquiries about coaching. 15 years and hundreds of traders and hedge fund portfolio managers later, her message about the right analysis of feelings – understanding confidence and conviction – has caught on.

In 2010, McGraw-Hill convinced Denise it was time she wrote MARKET MIND GAMES which has now been called “a veritable Rosetta Stone of trading psychology”, “game changing”, “a decade ahead of its time” and consistently receives new 5-star reviews on Amazon – seven+ years after publication.

Bill Long, FRM joined ReThink in 2012 and now heads a number of initiatives including our HEADSx talent assessment. In July 2016, we released the Trader Brain Exercise with Bloomberg Tradebook and it will soon be relaunched later in 2019! Also in 2016, we launched ReThink:Sports with the help of a former executive from CBS Sports.

ReThink:Sports differs from traditional sports psychology in two regards: it translates advanced trading psychology to the athlete and it applies new findings about emotion to the challenge of high-stakes competitions. Specifically, it recasts emotions as information and negative emotions as valuable.

In March 2017, our first professional athlete client, Lindsey Jacobellis, secured her 5th World Championship despite an expanded list of young racers competing to best her. She placed 4th in the 2018 Olympics missing gold by less than one half of a second! In 2019, we officially added Hendrick Motorsports to our roster of professional athletes – our second vertical focus beyond traders and portfolio managers.

As of June 2019, our team consists of five consultants – Bill Long, John Burns, Imke Oster and Evan Marks (and of course Denise), working with the unique SHULL METHOD. Our focus is on bringing our unique approach to improved performance to a select group of clients. We will always remain a boutique consultancy. Denise is also in talks about a second book (a 2021 release at the earliest)!