Bill Long is the Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff of The ReThink Group and is the brains behind our revolutionary HEADSx talent assessment tool. He brings to ReThink a broad range of experience in trading, financial markets and economics as well as in coaching investors, traders and athletes.

Bill began his career at the Dallas Fed where he rose to the position of Senior Economist and Director of Economic Information. In that role, he served as part of the team that prepared the Fed Beige Book. He next took on a leadership role at KPMG and then transitioned to Bear Stearns to work with the Chief Institutional Strategist, the trading desks and Bear’s top clients. When the crisis hit, he became a Director of Manager Research and evaluated more than 250 hedge funds across a broad range of trading strategies and asset classes.

Throughout his career, Bill has been a well-respected mentor and coach, including holding a license as a cycling coach from the United States Cycling Federation. He has also led numerous teams within the Federal Reserve and at KPMG on a project to develop sophisticated analytical software. Bill also brings an entrepreneurial side to ReThink having founded NetEvolution Technologies, Inc. in the early days of the web.

Bill holds the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) designation. He received his Master of Arts and “ABD” in Economics from Duke University and a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Economics from the UNC-Chapel Hill. Bill is an avid cyclist and reader and is able to enjoy golf despite only playing occasionally.