Denise Shull, MA, Decision Coach and Performance Architect, leverages her training in psychological science to solve the challenges of mental mistakes, confidence crises and slumps in Olympic athletes and Wall Street traders. Denise is known for her uncanny effectiveness in coaching, training and assessing for the X factor of human performance under pressure.

A former trader and trading desk manager, Shull’s Wall Street career began in 1994 with traders from the Chicago Board Options Exchange. She then ran two equities desks before becoming a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In 2004, she also began translating neuroeconomics — the new science of the brain and risk — into investing and trading profits at banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms. The head of regional trading for a global bank says:

“…the work I have done with her has enabled me to make more progress in my trading than my 15 years of experience did on their own.”

Her 2012 book, Market Mind Games, has been described as the “best of its genre” and a “Rosetta Stone of trading psychology”. In 2015, she was invited to consult on Showtime’s drama BILLIONS and in 2016, Bloomberg’s Tradebook delivered their trader brain exercise game based on her work.   

An engaging speaker, Shull has received rave reviews for her talks “How the Psychology of Risk is Fractal” and “Emotions are Also Information” at MIT’s Sloan Fellows program, WBR’s Equities and Fixed Income Leaders’ Summits, LiquidNet, Battle of the Quants, 100 Women in Hedge Funds Behavioral Finance Series and many other conferences.

The WSJ, FT, Bloomberg Markets and New York Times’ Dealbook have each profiled Shull’s work.  She has also been written about in Business InsiderFortune and The Guardian and in prior years in Toronto’s Globe and Mail and Risk Professional magazine. CNBC has featured Shull in both the US and Asia. She has also appeared on Bloomberg TV, Cavuto, PBS, The Discovery Channel and most recently on CNBC’s  Squawk Box where she analyzed the intersection of sports and investing psychology. Denise Shull CNBC Sept 8, 2017

Shull graduated from Harvard Kennedy’s executive program in “Investment Decisions and Behavioral Finance” in 2009. She holds a Master of Arts in neuroscience (1995) from The University of Chicago. Her thesis research, “The Neurobiology of Freud’s Repetition Compulsion” was published in 2003 in the Annals of Modern Psychoanalysis and was cited in 2013 as one of the earliest groundbreaking papers in the emerging field of neuro-psychoanalysis.

Shull resides in NYC but remains a lifelong fan of the Cleveland Browns and a relatively fast downhill skier.

Denise K. Shull MA Bio