John Burns serves as a Senior Coaching Consultant for us. His life passion is optimal human performance. He has lived this purpose as one of the most consistently profitable options floor traders at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and as a top 20 Illinois Amateur golfer for more than 5 years. In addition to his role with ReThink, he trades several portfolios across multiple global markets with double-digit yearly returns.

Starting as a runner on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade upon graduation from Indiana University, John quickly learned to read market dynamics while building strong relationships with key traders. This opened the door for his position as an options clerk which led to his position as an option market maker on the trading floor Chicago Mercantile Exchange from 1994-2014. John profitably traded his own account for 99%  of the months he spent on the floor.

In addition to trading, John also further developed his love of the game of golf that began in high school. At the height of his amateur career, John placed in the top 10 of the Illinois Mid-Amateur, top 20 in the Illinois State Amateur and was second alternate in the US Mid-Amateur Championship qualifier. He reigned as his Club Champion 10 out of the 12 years he was a member. John recognizes that golf, like trading, is a nuanced endeavor where understanding shades of emotion can help one reach new levels of performance every single time.

Through the years, John also realized that optimal performance is not something that can be achieved alone. He sought out experts across multiple fields, creating and customizing his own Masters level program. Some of his “Master’s Class” professional consultants include Denise Shull of ReThink; Dr. Michael Gervais, PhD High Performance Psychologist and Co-Founder of Compete to Create; Curt Cronin, Retired Navy Seal and founder of Kaizen International; Robin Mesch, Founder of Mesch Associates Technical Analysis; Dr. Donalee Marcus, Founder, Designs For Strong Minds; Bob Rotella, Sports Psychologist and Writer; Richard Weissman, CEO CNV Capital Management; and various consultants with the Corporate Athlete Program. He is now also studying at The Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis – an institute teaching ReThink’s unique angle on human performance, Modern Psychoanalysis.

John thrives on sharing his knowledge and experience with others. He knows how to connect high-achievers (and those that want to be) to the emotions that will embolden their achievements. When he is not reviewing technical analysis charts, evaluating multiple trading screens, driving for greater profits each day, or playing a round of golf, John sits on a bucket of baseballs near the dugout  – coaching his favorite Little League teams for his two sons.

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