CNBC – fast, accurate, actionable…. (never mind the middle one)…. BOOK EDITOR – “but what are they supposed to do?” MAG EDITOR ” – but they need things to act on” …………..

UGH>>> doesn’t anyone understand the value of thinking before acting anymore? Doesn’t anyone understand that understanding is key to accomplishment? … and most of all, doesn’t anyone get that most of trading is NOT trading?


— Never mind.. not done —

Most of the time we are doing because it is hard (boring, uncomfortable) to just BE.

But there is a ton of info inside if we stop and listen to it. Some is prickly and some is positively brilliant. We have to stop and listen to know the difference. This applies to the judgments demanded by the markets too.

What ever happened to learning? Why does everything have to be doing? Why does everyone want to be told what to do?

As you can tell, I am annoyed and mystified. I believe in knowing my spots and waiting for them

…Isn’t it overtrading that kills most accounts?