Executive Function & Emotion – from Boulder NIMH Conference

To quote The ReThink Group’s great intern, Clay Berry a senior at Rutgers, “The first speaker of the day, Luiz Pessoa from The University of Indiana, talked about “How do emotion and motivation interact with cognitive control?” Pessoa noted how the older notion of emotion and perception/cognition being two separate entities was becoming OBSOLETE.” […]

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New Model of Thinking and Emotion

At the recent Neuroleadership summit in Boston, Lisa Feldman Barrett articulated a whole new view on the appropriate model for understanding our thinking and our feelings.

“Lisa challenged some of the most deeply held ideas about how the mind works in her session. She stated that Daniel Goldman’s theory on emotional intelligence is largely incorrect. Studies […]

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MORE than Animal Spirits

For the past 50-60 years it has been popular to relegate the very relevant and powerful dimension of emotions to the category of “to be controlled”. On one hand, we talk all the time about how confidence, which is a a feeling more than anything, is so important in all domains: markets, politicians, sports…. and […]

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