Fractal psychology

The Days it Goes One Way

Today is one of those market days when the price goes basically one way.

For some, these days can be their best money makers – they know how to push the pedal to the metal when the time is right. For others, they tend to be their worst days – the think they have missed […]

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Raj’s Possible Fractal Unconscious Psychology

Like Madoff, who one could argue wanted to be liked and to feel part of the in-crowd more than anything, if you ask yourself what would Raj’s unconscious motivation be, the ironic answer probably revolves around wanting to feel like an insider!

Without talking directly to him, one can only speculate but when you ask why […]

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Why Did I Do That? Again!??

Having had the privilege to coach hundreds if not thousands of traders in my roles as first a trading desk manager and then as a mental trading coach, I can promise you that not matter how much capital someone is trading – $10,000 or over a billion dollars – everyone regularly asks “why the H*() […]