Self Awareness, Intuition and Confidence

Breaking through the noise to master the art

ReThink’s Shull Method helps entertainers, directors, producers and agents boost their own performances—and that of those around them. By connecting an individual’s unique personal story to their current challenges, we are able to break through a variety of mental blocks and defense mechanisms in a more nuanced, empathetic way, allowing our clients to unlock top-notch performances again and again. 

Learn to use your emotions to your advantage and let us help you cultivate that “X-factor” of performance. 

Agents, Directors and Producers

Those representing and managing talent in the entertainment industry have their own unique challenges. The ReThink Group’s specialized approach helps individuals unlock new levels of self-awareness and human perception, both of which are tied directly to their ability to more effectively assess and react to stressful situations.


  • More intuitive, effective conflict resolution
  • Ability to help entertainers channel emotions more effectively
  • A better understanding of entertainers’ mental blocks and challenges
  • Ability to influence, motivate and calm the key talent
  • Skills to address narcissism
  • Improved risk taking

Actors and Entertainers

We help entertainers more effectively tap into their authentic selves. By unlocking the barriers that are holding them back, our clients can give more authentic, unforgettable performances.


  • Ability to tap into intense, personal emotions and channel them into a character
  • Clarity to separate personal emotions from those of a character
  • Reduced stage fright
  • Improved stage presence

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