Ok… so I have my idea … and I have my time-frame …. i.e. after maybe a “pro-longed” (relative to recent history – after all, ALL market moves only occur in context) swoon/retracement over $GS, we will resume the march known as “markets climb a wall of worry”.

Now think about it – those two “decisions” in and of themselves require taking a stab within the relentless roller-coaster of market uncertainty. Take the first – market direction – this SEC takes on GS theme could pound away at the banks for months … and if it does, we have just seen the high of this 13.5 month bull market that started in March ’09. I am going to consciously take the bet that “the trend is your friend (until it is not)” …but of course I could be wrong.

2nd…. time-frame…. well…. over the course of my trading lifetime, I have seen too many summers plagued by sell-offs…. so for now, I just want to get started with implementing a relatively short-term spread for an expiration between May and June. But… which one? Man… I just don’t know.

B back to you after I spend some time with this “new-fangled” thinkorswim analytics I now have.