In The News: Markets

Bloomberg, 2020
Real Vision, 2017
CNBC, 2014


University of Chicago Magazine, Susie Allen, 2017

The New York Times Dealbook, Alexandra Stevenson 2013

The Globe and Mail, Brian Milner, 2012

Bloomberg, John Asmundsson, 2009

Financial Times, Hal Weitzman, 2009


Barron's Live, January 2021

How to clear away the emotional and actual political and economic chaos and make good financial decisions.

Flow Research Collective Radio, August 2020

In this episode, we talk in depth about Denise’s style of coaching, the kinds of psychological blockages she helps her clients overcome, and how you can apply similar practices at home to unstick your own psychology and break self-sabotaging patterns.

Barron's Live, May 2020

Listen to Beverly Goodman and Denise Shull, performance coach to hedge funds and professional athletes, discuss investor behavior, market psychology, and what you can learn to ensure you don’t make mistakes arising from emotional decision-making. 


Financial News, Nell Mackenzie and Becky Pritchard, 2019

Barron’s, Daren Fonda, 2018

The Wall Street Journal, Harriet Agnew, 2013

GARP, Katherine Heires, 2013

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