Trading & Investing

It's One Thing to Plan It. It's Another Thing To Execute on It.

Why is it so hard to consistently enter and exit the market based on your analysis?

Navigating financial markets may be the most difficult decision challenge there is. ReThink can help you make better market and risk decisions through our unique and systematic approach to parsing confidence and conviction. 

We bring you a more accurate model of how humans really think and decide. We teach you to recognize how your intuitions and your fears are in conflict. We give you a fighting chance against unconscious biases. 

Being coached with The Shull Method will feel and be different than other methods you may have tried. If you are receptive, your results will also be different. 

Professional Traders and Institutional Investors

Learn to distinguish intuition from impulse and informational versus irrelevant emotions. By honing new mental tools to help you avoid acting out trading emotions like fearing future regret or the need to look super-smart, professional investors and traders can achieve next-level, sustainable success.


  • More ability to tolerate market swings 
  • Identifying true conviction 
  • The skill to avoid confirmation and recency biases
  • Resolution of slumps 
  • Tools to create patience
  • Reduction in revenge and anger trading 
  • Exceptional self-awareness of your relationship to risk

Chief Risk and Chief Operations Officers

Armed with more robust conflict resolution skills, you will be able to better coach portfolio managers and traders. As the leaders in your firm, you will learn to better mitigate frustrations between team members and enjoy improved prioritization of key business objectives.


  • Improved ability to coach a team of risk-takers
  • Better interactions with your CIO
  • More effective priorities and objectives
  • More confidence in dealing with investors
  • Amplified motivation

Ready to ReThink Performance?

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