Investing & Trading

Confidence and Conviction, Impulse and Intuition

Learning the difference to master the risk

We help professional investors, traders, analysts, COOs and CROs make better market and risk decisions through a systematic approach to parsing confidence and conviction. Despite consistently high stakes, our clients achieve sustained improved performance by developing an advanced, applied self-awareness for risk.

Our unique approach is based on a more accurate model of human perception and judgement, addressing not only how and what people think, but more importantly how and what people feel. The typical Cognitive Behavioral model of psychology, and the biases literature relied on by so many in investing, both come up short. The Shull Method teaches professional investors and traders an entirely new and more powerful strategy for winning the “mind versus market” battle.

Professional Investors, Analysts and Traders​

Learn to distinguish intuition from impulse, so you can think more clearly when determining which positions to enter and when to exit. By honing the tools to avoid acting out superficial trading emotions (e.g. fear of missing out, fear of regret) or more personal narratives (e.g. the need to be smart), professional investors, analysts and traders can achieve next-level, sustainable success.


  • Putting an end to slumps
  • Distinguishing intuition from impulse
  • Increased ability to tolerate the uncertainty of markets
  • Ability to avoid acting on confirmation bias
  • Clearer thinking in trade selection and timing, with less money given back
  • Effective tools that prevent acting out personal narratives when trading
  • Establish a database of profitable feeling combinations

COOs and CROs​

Armed with more robust conflict resolution skills, you will be able to better coach portfolio managers and traders, helping them take better risks. As COOs and CROs, you will learn to mitigate frustrations between team members and enjoy improved prioritization of business objectives


  • Improved ability to coach a team of risk-takers, whether they’re analysts, portfolio managers or traders
  • Better team management, especially of individuals who are in slumps, frustrated or distracted
  • Clearer, more effective workplace priorities and objectives
  • More confidence in business dealings with investors
  • Sustained or amplified motivation

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