Trading & Investing

It's One Thing to Enter a Market. It's a Different Skill to Exit.

Confidence is a mental data set you can learn to use.

Most of the conventional wisdom about having discipline in markets is outdated. Having a more accurate understanding of how you actually make decisions will help you make better ones.  

Using trading and decision-making psychology, we teach you to recognize that your intuitions and fears are in conflict and that this conflict confuses your market decisions. Instead of bias and cognitive control, we show you how your values and desires determine your choices. Knowing this gives you the ability to take better risks. 

Being coached with the Shull Method will seem different than other mentoring approaches you may have tried. If you are receptive to it, your results will also be different.   

Understand your emotions as information. Learn how to predict your opponents’ future perceptions. 

Being able to read the feelings of others and being able to parse one’s own feelings for the difference between intuition and impulse are the pivotal skills in long-term market success.

Traders and Investors

Take better risks. Make fewer mental mistakes. Learn to hone your intuition. 


  • More ability to profit from market swings 
  • Identifying and executing on true conviction 
  • The skill to avoid confirmation and recency biases
  • Resolution of slumps 
  • Tools to create patience
  • Powerful self-awareness of your relationship with risk
  • Unique strategies for resolving internal conflict over exits 

Chief Risk and Chief Operations Officers

We help you understand the best ways to coach teams, take the best risks, and identify the best talent.


  • Improved ability to coach a team of risk-takers
  • Better interactions with your CIO
  • More effective priorities and objectives
  • More confidence in dealing with investors
  • Tactics to step-up your leadership
  • Greater ability to judge the true risk of a portfolio
  • Understanding how to hire for the X-factor 

Ready to Master your Response to Risk?

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