I look at the chart and see all of the people

Bars move up then down, forming a steeple

I envy that run, but miss all the fun

Unclear of direction, I pray to the sun

Today’s a new day and the markets deceptive

I’m feeling alert and focus on being perceptive

But why can’t I see a good trade to make

And be like the other traders, and partake!

The indicators on the chart provide a diversion

Allowing me to avoid my fear and aversion

But what’s there to fear, we’re all human here

Finding our way through discomfort in uncertainty

I ponder the markets vagueness, volume and volatility

Then wonder why I focus solely, on matters of triviality

When ultimately to progress, I need to regress

To feelings in childhood that have not been expressed

I’ll write in my trading journal, each and every day

And look forward to the profits that are coming my way