Market Mind Games LIVE in Park City, Utah! Week of March 7, 2022

Get Past that "Thing" You Do!

Do you find yourself overriding your instincts only to say “I knew it”? If you make your living in the markets (or are close to doing so) yet you still want to resolve these patterns, this workshop is for you. 

You will learn how the latest science of the ‘brain on risk’ changes what you’ve been taught about best practices for your mental game. It’s not what most teachers say it is!

We relentlessly but subconsciously predict. We have patterns of expectation. Understanding ourselves through this lens allows us to make better market entries and exits. You will learn how conviction and confidence really work. You will leave with your own custom Mental Risk Matrix that you can use for all future market decisions.  

Understand and solve what they call a discipline problem but is really a normal, perception-survival problem.

Learn to Use a New Mental Game to Increase your 2022 Alpha.

Our Most Advanced and Luxurious Workshop at the Promontory Club

  • One-week in Park City, Utah (Monday to Friday March 7-11, 2022)
  • 15+ hours lecture, daily homework and group discussions
  • Early morning classes to leave time for work responsibilities, homework, small group meetings and some skiing!
  • Maximum 15 students (8 spots remaining)
  • 1-1 time with Denise and the ReThink team- Bill, John and Evan
  • Full breakfast each day. closing dinner Thursday night
  • Optional onsite lodging with all Promontory club services, including transport to skiing.  
  • Tuition: $9975. (ReThink clients $8475 and discounts available for a team attending)
Email us at
if you would like more information.  

Additional Feedback from Attendees - Summer 2021