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Breakthrough to your Next Level of Alpha

Are you familiar with the theories of Behavioral Finance? Does it seem that you engage in confirmation or recency bias? Maybe you just know that you don’t follow your intuition? Or you can’t get out when you know you should? If you are a professional but yet you still want to resolve these patterns, this exceptional workshop is for you. 

Denise Shull will explain how the latest neuroscience of risk decision making changes what we thought we knew about the best approach to trading and investing psychology. She will make practical the research around unconscious predictions and how conviction actually works in the human mind.

Learn how to recognize when you truly have intuition about the market’s upcoming moves. Figure out how to separate those feelings of expertise from the irrelevant impulsive ones that urge you to increase or decrease a position for some irrelevant but subconscious personal need. 

Do you have a team supporting you? Learn how to bettter interact with them so that you get more of what you need to support your intuitions and convictions. 

Once and for all, learn exactly how to avert your worst mistakes. Understand and solve what they call a discipline problem but is really a perception-survival problem.

Learn to Use a New Mental Game to Increase your 2022 Alpha.

ONLINE – 2021 Enrollment is closed. 

IN-PERSON – Our Most Advanced and Luxurious Workshop at the Promontory Club

  • One-week in Park City, Utah (Monday to Friday March 7-11, 2022)
  • 15+ hours lecture, daily homework and group discussions
  • Early morning classes to leave time for skiing, homework and small group meetings
  • Maximum of 15 students (12 spots remaining)
  • Opportunities for 1-1 time with Denise
  • Interaction with ReThink Group team – Bill, John and Evan.
  • Opening reception, closing dinner and skiing opportunities! 
  • Optional onsite lodging with all club services, including transport to skiing.  
Email us at
if you would like to apply to attend this unique event. 

Additional Feedback from Attendees - Summer 2021