Market Mind Games LIVE: Park City, Utah
Rescheduled to Summer 2024

Market Mind Games 2024:
A Workshop Specifically for Market Pros

All of your professional career, and maybe even for all of your life, you have been taught that your intellect is your superior mental ability. What if the latest brain and decision side transforms that idea into a flat-earth like myth? 

In this workshop, Denise Shull will make the latest decision neuroscience practical to the job of an institutionally-funded hedge fund or long-only manager. Understanding how the human unconscious actually works changes all of the best strategies for position choice, sizing, and timing decisions– as well as strategies for working with a team.

Come learn the leading-edge science of risk perception and judgment. Leave with an introduction into how to create better strategies for integrating quantitative, qualitative and subjective information into even better market decisions.  

This workshop includes 18+ hours of instruction, 1-1 coaching, and small group coaching work. 

Interested? Let us know below.

Workshop Overview:

  • Four days in Park City, Utah at The Promontory Club
  • Tentative dates – end of July 2024 
  • 15+ hours lecture, daily homework, and group discussions
  • Early morning classes to leave time for recreation and homework 
  • Maximum 15 students 
  • Sub-small group homework- discussion meetings
  • 1-1 time with Denise
  • Interaction with ReThink Group team – Bill, John and Evan.
  • Opening reception, full breakfast or lunch daily (TBD), and a closing dinner
  • Hiking, cycling, golf! 
  • Onsite lodging with all club services available (extra fee)
  • Enrollment fee $10,000

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Reservations now available. Drop us a line if you want to learn more!

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