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ReThink is known for its un-traditional approach. The name ReThink even refers to the value of rethinking thinking altogether. To that end, we believe that the most effective mental skills coaching will go beyond the ideas of mental toughness and positive thinking.

Recent research shows that not only is emotion pivotal in peak performance but that new strategies for negative emotions offer the most leverage.

Market and athletic performance improves, even from already high levels, when one learns to recognize and comprehend all of one’s emotions. Two New York University Decision Neuroscientists even recently concluded a paper on risk decisions with this comment about “affect” (the academic term for feelings and emotions):

In a manner unlike any other cognitive domain, we believe affect also has a foundational role in decision-making, as affective information constitutes the very basis of every estimate of subjective “value” or “utility”, making affect the fundamental metric upon which choice itself is built.

Two other studies specifically looked at self-awareness in traders and portfolio managers. They stated:

Traders’ engagement with their feelings is qualitatively different between low and high performers.

Male subjects with high self-monitors achieve superior trading performance.

Denise and her team assess, coach and train clients in how to benefit from this more accurate view of emotions and high performance. Just a few of their results include:

  • A PM improving his win loss ratio from 55 to 75%
  • A head trader in a long slump resolving the downward spiral
  • A former floor trader learning to be successful on the screen
  • A PM improving his average size winner to loser from 1.5 to 2.3
  • A break-even trader resolving his mental blocks
  • A bank desk head reducing his life-long risk averse nature
  • A PM who could make money but would inevitably give it back

Solving the Puzzle


Too many people repeat the mantra “control your emotions,” when all that matters is not what you feel but what you do!

When you realize that all types of feelings have all kinds of information in them, it radically alters what you are capable of.

The problem is that we were all taught to try to set emotion aside. It even looks – on the surface – like doing so works. What most don’t notice, though, is that the calm confidence we all desire is also a feeling.

ReThink coaching teaches you how to understand the meaning in your emotions, how to avoid automatically acting on the energies of emotion, and how to capitalize on your unconscious pattern recognition, intuition and instincts that come from experiential learning.

1-1 Mental Skills Coaching

ReThink’s main service is helping individuals reach their potential through capitalizing on what we know about how emotion really works.

A typical PM/Trader coaching arrangement works as follows:

  • Twice-weekly phone meetings
  • Behavioral Alpha course review as appropriate
  • Between-meeting homework, email and text communication
  • 90-day initial commitment
  • Follow-on retainers for custom schedules per the client’s style and needs

Due to the demand from traders and organizations for Denise’s work, there is currently a waiting list to begin one-on-one mental coaching with Denise. To begin working with one of our other coaches, or to be added to the waiting list, please reach out via our Contact Us page and tell us a little bit about yourself. We sincerely thank you for your interest in our work and encourage you to reach out with any questions!

ReThink coaches teams on using the emotional competencies of knowledge, recognition and understanding to make better risk decisions and work more easily as a group. This kind of coaching is much more like exercise than lecture type learning – i.e. it provides the most results when regularly worked on. Emotional sophistication includes what is called interoception – or bodily awareness – and as such is indeed a skill of body and mind.

To book a one-time workshop or regular group coaching sessions with ReThink, please contact us and provide some detail about yourself (or the organization you represent) and your situation. Bill Long will be in contact to discuss further. 

Private equity or venture capital firms engage ReThink to add a factor of emotion knowledge to a mathematical analysis. As success lives or dies with human execution, an “EQ” assessment offers a distinct advantage in correctly predicting outcomes.

In that integrating neuroeconomics’ new model of the brain requires re-imagining how to do our best thinking, education in the new psychology of risk is critical to efficacy and cost-effectiveness. Live workshops offer the opportunity to “teach a man to fish” and often set the stage for 1-1 coaching commitments.

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Why Choose Us

In 13 years of active coaching, Denise has worked with numerous portfolio managers and traders who have tried the traditional approaches and more well-known coaches. She consistently receives inquiries from Portfolio Managers, Traders and now a new group of athletes that have been failed by the approaches of cognitive-behavioral, positive thinking and emotion control. Denise knows how to help you understand yourself and can teach you how to work with your emotion in a way that is unparalleled.

Her team includes Bill Long, Marika Bernstein-Condos and, as of June 2017, former CME floor trader John P. Burns and longtime coach Leslie Harris. All are uniquely experienced professionals who are available to ensure that the right fit for your situation is arranged.

What A Client Says

“Very, very instructive”
MB, Private Equity Principal
“Her work is creative and innovative and just may provide the key or a practical path to truly understanding and more importantly developing what is commonly referred to as a trader’s ‘gut feel’. Having traded for more than 15 years, it is humbling and refreshing that the recent work I have done with her has enabled me to make more progress in my trading than my years of experience did on their own”
RW, Trading Desk Head, Global Institution