Behavioral Alpha is the superior return traders can earn by learning how their thoughts, feelings and trading decisions actually work on a psychological level. Understanding how to apply the research in judgment and decision making to trading leads to better trading decisions which in turn lead to Behavioral Alpha gained from applied psychology. Check out the references here and at the bottom of this page. 

  • 101: Access Your Psychological Capital – Classic “soup-to-nuts” intensive covering each arena in a robust trading psychology plan. What the decision environment truly is, a full-analysis of one’s fractal or echo psychology and the complete approach to goals and objectives. Tuition: UNDER RECONSTRUCTION (Previous version available for discounted tuition of $700)
  • 201: Create Mental Edge Strategies & Tactics – Learn the most accurate way to think about fear and greed (hint: it’s not at all what you expect.) Make the right plan for feeling better day-in and day-out so that you can more often perform at your best in the market. Tuition: $500 
  • 202: The Art of Trading War– What’s the best way to combine the science and the art of trading? How do you calculate the odds in chess while playing paintball, where the game is always changing, AT THE SAME TIME? Understand the market environment in a whole new way – a way that matches more how your brain really processes risk. Tuition: $500
  • 401: Answer the Riddles in Your Trading Behavior – Do you keep saying “why did I do that again?” This course will give you the truest answer and explain how to stop. This courses explains why and how we all take the market so personally and offers techniques to detach from automatic behaviors that get us into trouble. Course includes a discussion with a top trader who has produced 100% returns. He explains his emotional algorithms and how he developed them. Tuition: $1000


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    Absolutely the best money I have ever spent on any type of trading education. ~MF

Denise manages to blend the issues of trading with the nature of the emotions in a way that no one else has been able to master. ~RW, Regional Trading Desk Head, Top 3 US Bank