• Sub-Title: Create Your Own Edge by Reorganizing your Trading Life According to the Latest Brain & Psychological Science
  • Length and type: 4+ hours organized as 2 recordings of a live workshop with participant discussion
  • Homework: Re-evaluating your schedules, habits and markets to most closely align with your best mental and physical energy. Data to gather to create your new comprehensive plan – one that puts you at the center.
  • Tuition: $500

Content details: After we cover the “why,” we discuss the IDEAL trading plan – one that includes the basic physical dimension, the top-level emotional dimension and the lurking fractal and unconscious dimension – the one that really trips you up! A few basic trading strategies that everyone should consider are included. Course includes some of the very latest research on decision making under uncertainty. As such, this is an excellent, simple introduction to how to leverage the newly discovered neuroscience of risk perception. It’s an antidote to the traditional trading psychology that fails so many.