• Sub-Title: How to Simultaneously Play Paintball and Chess
  • Length and type: Recording of a live workshop including lecture and group discussion totaling just under four hours.
  • Homework: Recommended exercises to supplement lecture material are described in workshop slides.
  • Tuition: $500

Content details: Sun Tzu said that if you know your enemies and yourself, you are virtually unbeatable. This applies to trading in that the markets, at their core, are social competition games. The course discusses:

  • What is the true nature of the trading challenge and, in turn, the better way to meet it?
  • Understand all of the layers of feelings and emotions that come into play in a trade.
  • How to use physical energy as a powerful weapon in your trading.
  • Create a much more effective plan for your trading behavior.

The objective of the course is to help a trader integrate quantitative and qualitative data into a repeatable feeling of competence when dealing with price action.

The course discusses how rules, in and of themselves, are actually overrated. Yes, one needs a plan and a strategy and even tactics, but ironclad rules are a substitute for working with one’s psychology the right way. For example, a certain dollar amount for a stop doesn’t take into account the day’s volatility. Everything in trading is context-dependent, so how do you work with that in an environment where you have to constantly deal with the unknown? This course gives you the answers to these complex questions, which have been oversimplified in most trading psychology teaching.