Denise Shull has recently been interviewed on the following podcasts:

The Science of Success with Matt Bodnar – June 2017

“In this episode we ask can, and should, we set aside our emotions to make decisions in huge, high stakes environments (like trading)? How to channel and listen to your emotions to make even better decisions, learning from negative emotions, how historical echoes in our life create repeated behavior patterns, and much more with Denise Shull.”

Trend Following with Michael Covel – May 2017

“Denise has counseled an extremely wide variety of traders with all kinds of personalities and trading styles. However, at the end of the day everyone is human and all traders have common psychological threads which she points out. When Denise analyzes a client she tries to understand a sequence of feelings that person is making and what the patterns of their feelings are.”

Mastering Your Reality with Isaac Lidsky – April 2017

“How do we take control, creating the lives we want for ourselves with awareness and accountability? We’ll explore this question with remarkable people who clearly have much to teach us on the subject.  I invite you to join my conversation with Denise, in this episode of the Mastering Your Reality Interview Series.”