What do our brains do when a down-trend becomes an avalanche – when
some snow gets rolling at the top and picks up steam and snow and speed
until it hits bottom – with no regard for anything in its way?

Two things to know –

First, it tends to assume it will get the same result from the next
event as it got from the last event. In market terms, this means that
looking at losses predisposes all of us to expect more losses – the
timeframe is basically irrelevant – at least as far as the brain is

Neuroeconomics research also indicates that the emotion resulting
from a “first” event also colors any? analysis of the next event –
without us knowing it and before we are conscious of what is happening.

Put the two together in today’s market and the third fact that fear
can easily spread from one person to the next and presto, feelings of
worry turn to fear turn to panic and then morph into limit down.

Interwoven into these human psychological realities, facts like
deleveraging (otherwise known as margin calls) force additional selling
which exacerbates the selling and creates more of the brain’s above
decision cycle.

This is where we are today and the “engineering” behind how the
markets tend to extract the most money out of most of the people.

The opportunity lies in interrupting YOUR brain from taking this trip.

The way to do that is to use what we call EMOTION ANALYTICS.
Researching and dissecting whatever feelings and expectations wash over
you – versus just taking action – gives anyone who tries it a window.
Windows give you the ability to see a more accurate picture to predict
what is really likely to happen next!