It basically infuriates me when I hear the other talking heads talking about what stocks to buy during the exact moments that the index futures are making new multi-year lows. Why do people do this? Is it to try to make people feel better? To look smart? To feel smart? Just for TV because that is what the proverbial investors want to hear?

Bear markets mean lower lows and lower highs … and we are in a bear market until we get higher lows. and higher highs … which is decidedly NOT today.

At least Charles Payne on Fox Biz talked about SDS – one of the short ETF funds.

On one hand the world gives credence to “you can’t market time” (well what do they know) and on the other they all do the same thing us short-term, high frequency traders do which is go nuts over “missing out.” Yet missing out on the bottom is a great thing – regardless of your timeframe. The market has this funny tendency to trade at a price, reverse from it and then go back and take a look – kind of like a criminal goes back to the scene. Everyone gets a second chance to get in at a safer spot – after the market has shown its hand – and this is true in ANY timeframe.

But back to rocket surgery Mario and all of the other experts who want to tell people what to buy – this is a bear market. How can you sleep at night knowing that people will listen to you and buy what you say – maybe even today?