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Chase Every Edge with Mental and Decision Skills 2.0

Sports psychology, mental skills and decision coaching tend to focus on thinking. Yet in reality, it’s the feelings and emotions — the passion, the drive, the will to win, the confidence in uncertainty — that gets the job done. 

But who really feels they can deftly wield passion? Analyze and manipulate confidence?

With the Shull Method, you can learn exactly that. 

Developing emotional granularity provides athletes with a variety of benefits. During emotionally charged situations– i.e. competition– understanding emotions can make all the difference.    

You have the opportunity to change the dynamic between the inevitable fears, frustrations and disappointments of world-class competition. 

Perform under pressure in a way you didn’t think possible.

General Managers and Coaches

We help navigate taking risks, working with teams, communicating, and guiding athletes.


  • Improve the Risk/Reward ratios in complex decisions 
  • Communicate with more precision even when under pressure
  • Resolve conflicts between goals and between people 
  • Know precisely how to guide athletes out of slumps
  • Greater ability to bring out the best in every athlete
  • Rate key intangibles in a draftee using HEADSx


Learn to harness your emotions– instead of ignoring or “controlling” them to unlock a competitive edge. 


  • Greater resilience 
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved focus
  • Supercharged ability to avoid choking
  • Amplified motivation

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