Pro Sports

Resilience, Motivation and Discipline

In sports you chase every edge you can find

So why wouldn’t you pursue Mental Skills 2.0 to hone these critical traits?
Most sports psychology and mental skills strategies are based on the idea that thinking and doing (behavior) are the levers to sports excellence. In reality, it’s the feelings and emotions — the passion –that gets work done and racks up wins.

But who truly knows how to identify, amplify and deftly wield passion?
With the Shull Method, you can learn exactly that. You have the opportunity to change the dynamic between inevitable fear, frustration and disappointment and what it takes to prevail in the fiercely competitive world of pro sports. 

Coaches and GMs

Learn to get the most out of your elite athletes, whether they’re mid-slump, post-injury or really feeling the pressure of the big game. The Shull Method helps sports executives boost motivational ability, strategizing skills and conflict resolution tactics while reducing the uncertainty and stresses of building a winning team culture.


  • Improved conversations with athletes
  • Better tools to deal with inevitable fears and frustrations
  • Ability to guide players through recovery from mistakes or injuries
  • Knowing precisely how to guide athletes out of slumps
  • Higher-odds risk taking
  • Greater ability to bring out the best in every athlete


Channel even the most debilitating of emotions and experiences into power and motivation, while also recovering faster from setbacks, both big and small. Our personalized, unique approach to performance coaching gives each client the individual attention they need to thrive, while in turn improving their mental skills, overall drive and dedication to the sport.


  • Greater resilience
  • Quicker recovery from disappointments and frustrations
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved focus
  • Boosted collaboration with coaches and teammates
  • Supercharged ability to avoid “choking”
  • Sustained or amplified motivation

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