“I have blown out my account twice because I write down the rules, but then a few hours go buy, I get caught up in the in the emotions and the volatility, and then I notice I never followed my rules, wtf is wrong with me? am I just too obsessive and unteachable? should I strap an electro-shock collar to my neck like an invisible fence for my dog? will I get better over time. How do you quit for the day when you hit your max drawdown? are some people just not able to trade, or is there still hope? I have all these great rules but they go out the window in the heat of the battle. And, as you correctly point out the battle is with myself.

I am just so f…..k smart I am stupid. —“

I found it in an old-email today and know that many traders feel like this – especially today and yesterday. The problem is your brain has a circuit for ambiguity and it is what overrides your rules. The trick is to learn how to work with that circuit – which is modulated through feelings. … regardless of what any other trading shrinks say.