An Ode to Ambiguity Aversion

They say the market’s ambiguous – well that’s a lot of crap!

I’m right – that’s all I need to know, but why then won’t the money flow?

I’ll show them and prove to mum that I’m not just some lazy bum like dad.

I’m smarter than my grandfather too.

But oh, there is so much to know: those fundamentals, and then the technical show.

Got to keep learning, how else can I know enough to be certain of what I’m doing?

How many factories has the company got? The CFO has grey eyes – so what? Hmm that might be an edge or not.

And what of that “golden cross?” the implications of which have got lost, amongst all the other stuff to know.

Hell, is that a “flying pig?” maybe just the “kitchen sink” I think, as I search for the meaning of these obvious chart patterns.

Don’t you see them? Ha, you’ve got no hope. I’ll take your money now – you dope.

There’s an opportunity – what an absolute certainty! No one sees it, only me. I’m so right and smart!

But where are the buyers?

I’ll just wait until…

Oh bugger, it is taking off. I WAS right! I knew it! How obvious was that – too easy for me.

Too late to buy – I’ll wait.

Where the hell is the retracement?

I’d better wait for it to come back before jumping in.

They say the market is ambiguous. No way, this is obviously going to the sky!

The retracement’s here – now I’ll jump in. Why the hell isn’t this rallying?

The market is not logical – I know more than them.

It’s sliding now – too late to sell, but why would you when you know so much. Nah, it is going to the sky – you know it just hold on.

I’m sitting this out it will come back….

While I wait I need to know more about how the market works.

It is not ambiguous that I’m sure, it’s just rigged so I need to know more.