Denise-Shull Revised 2013

You were fantastic! -DT, Core Club

Denise is one of those rare speakers who you always hope to find: someone who can engage, challenge, and entertain an audience all at the same time.-R.Franco, LiquidNet

Denise Shull is a captivating and insightful speaker whom I would thoroughly recommend for any investor or trading audience. Denise was the keynote for our ultra-high net worth investor conference — an audience of highly discerning and critical delegates. A consummate professional and thought leader in her area, Denise was both entertaining and informative, keeping the room’s attention with a well-crafted and expertly delivered speech. Her insights move far beyond behavioral finance, breaking new ground in helping investors and traders understand the emotional and neurological reasons for their decision-making. I cannot recommend Denise highly enough.-B. Love, Institute for Private Investors

A Sampling of Denise Shull’s Talks

Core Club with Liz Claman, December 2017

Behavioral Alpha, November 2017

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Capital Markets Offsite, Solving the Mind-Body Problem in Conviction, October 2017

iGlobal Forum Global Leaders in Real Estate Summit, September 2017

Hedge Connection Table Talks, April 2017, fireside chat with Andrew Abernathy.

Inside ETFs, January 2017, Luncheon Keynote

100 Women in Hedge Funds, October 2016, In the Moment of a Risk Decision. Sponsored by Bloomberg Tradebook.

Family Office Exchange, September 2016, Capitalizing on the neuroscience of market prediction and risk judgment.

US Ski and Snowboard Association, April 2016. Denise gave a TED-type talk and extended workshop that resulted in an invitation to work with the US Snowboarding team in preparation for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

GAIM Ops Cayman, 2015, Denise Shull and Bill Long presented a groundbreaking workshop on what constitutes market talent and how to hire those who have it.

LiquidNet Summit, 2014, Denise wrapped up the event with an explanation of the thinking styles known as Market Intuition and Risk Differentiation.

The Global Fund Forum, 2014, Denise spoke on Neuroeconomics and interviewed Tom Zucosky of Discovery Capital

A Fireside Chat – stories from the underworld inside Traders’ Brains @ The Galtere Institute’s Behavioral Finance and Future of Finance Symposium

Contact us at 212.688.1340 or think @ to explore what Denise could add to your event.