bear market

PERCEPTION – It’s Not Rocket Surgery… to borrow a great line

Bear markets mean lower lows and lower highs ... and we are in a bear market until we get higher lows. and higher highs ... which is decidedly NOT today.

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The River of Hope Flows with Denial

The vast majority of the investing world wants to feel as if we have seen the bottom. They never put their flashlights down looking for the glimmers of hope, or mustard seeds as Kudlow calls them, that the worst is behind us.

But why should it be?

Technically the market has to take out the last high […]

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What is confidence?

Some of the definitions from say -1) full trust, 2) belief in the powers, 3) reliability of a person or thing (the market? your trading strategy?) 4) certitude.

But how is confidence experienced? I mean how do you know you have it or not? In other words, where in your psyche does confidence […]

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