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An Emotional Conversation over at Tyler Cowen’s Marginal Revolution blog

Somewhere down the road, you just might find you agree with more than you expected. Or worse, learned a thing or two about making better decisions in the face of UOUP (rhymes with soup) - uncertain outcomes uncertain probabilities.

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“Emotional arousal” is not something to avoid, but to master. By Elise Payzan Le Nestour

All this suggests that emotions are key information providers when deciding under uncertainty. They make us tuned to our environment. Actually, in some contexts of fast and intuitive decision-making in the face of unstable (high vol) conditions, one expects that the stronger the emotional uncertainty signals of the day-trader, the higher the performance.

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Conviction, Anxiety and Belief

I mean we also hear "believe in yourself" but where do these advisories leave you when a trading idea is going wrong? How do you handle the teeter totter that holds belief and conviction on one side and price and risk management on the other? What fulcrum can you depend on?

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New Risk Psych from Academia Pt. 2 – Social & Affective Neuroscience Conference

If you have tried reappraisal or what most call reframing or even reprogramming and it didn't work for you, don't waste one second wondering or worrying about why. The Darwinian nature of trading and the meaning of a red P&L is almost certainly a "bottom-up" emotion and behavioral & brain picture evidence says that strategy worsens the situation.

Risk Psychology & Neuroeconomics Society 2009

Back and rested from a weekend trip to academia –

The annual Society for Neuroeconomics meeting, held in Evanston this year, reviews a cornucopia of pre-publication research papers centered on the topic of decision making under risk and ambiguity. With everything from electrodes being implanted into patients who were having brain surgery for intractable epilepsy to […]

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Another one-year later post – with a twist

A year ago tonight I was merrily watching my Cleveland Browns actually win while on a Jet Blue flight to the CME’s Inaugural Global Financial Leadership conference when my first cell beep on landing was Bill Long calling to say LEH was BK and ML was BAC. 365 days after that watershed event we have […]

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The SEC misses Madoff – not once, not twice but five times in 16 years?

Per the Washington Post “But in each instance, inexperienced officials, at times ignorant of other agency probes into Madoff, took his explanations at face value and did little to verify them.”

Why would anyone – no matter how inexperienced – take a potential criminal at face value? I mean no one intentionally tries to fail at […]

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The Six-Step Antidote to The Black Swan

Figure out how to differentiate implicit learning from impulse.

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