ReThink’s Talent Assessment Protocol — HEADSx — provides companies with the first ever scientific approach to evaluating the crucial yet often puzzling aspects of elite investing and trading performance. HEADSx quantifies the thinking styles identified by more than 30 years of research showing that qualitative skills—perhaps more than analytical or quantitative skills—underlie consistently exceptional trading and investing performance.

For the hiring managers on trading desks or for investors and allocators making manager selection decisions, identifying the candidates who will manifest this X factor is a challenging task. Simultaneously, traders and portfolio managers who lose money—or even those who under-perform their benchmarks—need to be avoided.

ReThink’s HEADSx offers a revolutionary set of metrics on a candidate’s potential – or lack thereof – to produce Behavioral Alpha through their qualitative approaches to reading markets and differentiating risks.

To help choose better traders and PM’s or to learn about the science behind HEADSx, please contact Bill Long at 212.688.1340.