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By evaluating the most puzzling aspect of performance

Our talent assessment, HEADSx, has been carefully designed to provide football and investing teams a different way to discover elite, exceptional talent. HEADSx (High-Performance Emotion Analytic and Differentiation Survey), offers a leading-edge yet scientific approach to evaluating some of the most puzzling aspects of performance – resilience, ability to read others’ and dedication. 

How It Works

The tool is customized to run candidates through a series of real-life, job-specific situations, whereby they describe in detail what reactions they and others would have to the situation.

This is not your typical multiple choice personality or behavior test.  With HEADSx the test-taker is demonstrating their skill in a crucial dimension of consistent high-performance. Higher scores indicate a candidate is less likely to act out on destructive emotions. Lower scores can be just the red-flag needed to avert an unnecessary hiring risk.

For individuals who’ve been less engaged within their team, our workshops can help them recognize and recover what ails them. Sometimes, learning to acknowledge that motivation has nosedived is remedy enough. Other times, we solve slumps by resolving the feelings that accompanied their onset.

Expect team members to
snap out of slumps, experience less stress, and feel more centered, confident and ambitious. Know that individuals will bounce back more effectively from the inevitable disappointments of competition, markets or corporate life.

Explore Benefits by Role:​

  • Investors, Traders, Analysts
  • COOs, CROs
  • Coaches, GMs
  • Athletes
  • Agents, Directors, Producers
  • Actors, Entertainers

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