Talent Assessment

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Evaluate the Most Puzzling Aspects of Performance.

ReThink Group’s talent assessment, HEADSx, has been carefully designed to deliver insight into the mysteries of elite, exceptional talent. Our High-Performance Emotion Analytic and Differentiation Survey (HEADSx) offers a leading-edge, scientific approach to evaluating some of the most puzzling aspects of performance – passion, motivation, judgment and resilience.

HEADSx Scores Reveal What You Really Want to Know

HEADSx asks candidates in markets or sports to imagine a series of hypothetical but real-life, job-specific situations – an investment gone south, a game narrowly lost or a conflict with a colleague. Responses indicate how your potential hire will react to such challenges and conflicts.

This is not a typical multiple-choice personality or behavior test as the open-ended answers reveal critical skills that contribute to the X-factor of exceptional performance.

Responses are scored with our proprietary algorithm. Higher scores indicate a candidate is less likely to act out fear, frustration and disappointment and more likely to respond effectively in uncertain and complex situations. Lower scores give you an otherwise unavailable window into a risky hire.  

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