Treasury Acts Ridiculously _____________________? …. fill in the blank.

If the markets are based on confidence (or lack thereof) then where are we in the spectrum between panic and overconfidence? We are certainly on the left-end of this tug of rope. The panicked selling seems to be gone but now we are in a market rhythm where it is just relentless. In other words, there may not be panic but there surely isn’t any confidence that the government funding banks, insurance companies and now apparently the auto-industry is going to work.

Without confidence for the future, we will continue to look towards the lows of October and maybe beyond… is there any reason to do anything else?

and furthermore “Decided that purchasing illiquid assets wouldn’t help” …since when does bringing in a solid bid in a falling market NOT stabilize the market. Paulson may be from one of the great trading houses in the world but he doesn’t get that. The underlying problem in all of this is there was and is no market for the complex debt instruments that are for sale. If someone could make a market then the price would stabilize… and once that happened then the mark-downs on the books of banks would stop and once that stopped, they may be more willing to lend.

…. Can we get a trader in there? Can someone from the Chicago floor environment teach them something about making a market?

PS Thursday the 13th – okay there is the m-t-m accounting issue but they could solve that if they wanted to. I predict that in some way shape or form the new Treasury and Administration in DC will sooner or later end up buying some of these assets. Who else is ever going to make a market in them?