To Trade or Not to Trade

Hey I took a trade today

I sit and watch it with dismay

Will the plan follow as I have laid?

Away you indefinite penny arcade

The stench of fear invades my being

Wondering if what I am seeing

Is solid as I think it is

Confirmed or antithesis

Time to jump out its changing it tune

For that trade is not following the phase of the moon

How can I be an entrepreneur?

If I am uncertain and never am sure?

I just sit and watch and waiting for it

To be perfect and beyond just a base hit

How many days of innings I miss

As I avoid being unsure and live in abyss Like looking up from a valley decided and convinced That I will find that place of sureness Without having to wince

As I stay attached to playing a sure thing I will not be trading, instead I am aging With bare knuckle grip that certainty is there And waiting forever for a trade with no repair

All I have done starts with a goal

And I finish it with confidence and control But with trading the idea of working hard And not getting paid has left me scarred

The art of being, not doing, really works well In that moment all is possible, then I trade well The fight within me needs to let go And feel my feelings with knowledge that I won’t know What’s going to happen and go with the flow Not knowing is trusting that I can follow the road With the pleasure of being with presence that bodes