Psych cap – emotional intelligence – judgment – feelings – ambiguity perception…. can we get this organized?


1. Markets are only human

2. The numbers are only a clue

3. The brain knows it

4. The brain believes it is in the jungle fighting for survival

5. The brain knows how to survive and uses all kinds of mechanisms to do so

6. It’s language is FEELINGS. Period.

7. Consciousness is feelings. Perception is feelings.

8. This makes the ultimate market data one of feelings – yours and theirs. Everything else is a proxy.

9. Because it is the jungle, it is a fight for survival.

10. This makes it emotionally intense.

11. Emotions have good info and can also be fueled by memories projecting an expectation.

12. The ultimate goal is to tell the difference.

13. The only way to do that is to get as good at reading your own feelings as you are at the charts.

14. It ought to be easier actually – as you are in total control.

15. It feels harder.

16. It won’t be if you put in just 50% of the effort.

17. You STILL need a game plan.

18. But it is the skill – SKILL – in executing it that will determine the winners.

19. Skill is different than robotics.