Okay it’s the name of this blog and a term we banter about but what do we mean? In short, we mean the power of an entire human psyche – intellect, thought, senses, feelings, emotions and energy. Each factor weighs in on the judgment, decisions and performance a trader (or investor) delivers and hence, elevating the whole (psychological capital) and leveraging the dimensions (thought, feeling etc) maximizes the performance a trader can deliver.

Underlying our zealotry for this topic is the reality that so much of our judgment and decisions is based on our senses, feelings and emotions despite society’s general reluctance to believe this. Neuroeconomics knows it. In fact the most highly respected neuroeconomists in the world say “it is not enough to know what one should do, one must feel it.” (Camerer, Lowenstein and Prelec, 2005).

Learning to read internal data – the ping pong between thought and feelings – helps one make better risk decisions. Understanding one’s emotions helps one make better investment decisions (Seo & Barrett,2007)…. so psych cap, simply put, is about using our brains (and psyches) in the way they are designed and to our fullest advantage.

Is there any good reason NOT to do this?