psychology of risk

Trading Psychology and Decision Neuroscience

Denise Shull constantly reviews the latest neuroscience studies on risk decision making. She brings the findings to the Wall Street community – via coaching and education – in order to solve the enduring riddles of trading and investing behavior. Going beyond behavioral finance to the heart of perception and motivation, Shull’s work is unique and often copied.

Clients repeatedly say they wish they had found her teaching and coaching earlier.

Market Talent

TAP into the X Factor of Market Talent

ReThink’s TAPx assessment quantifies a trader or PM’s exceptional potential to read markets and differentiate risks. Unique among assessment tools, ReThink’s TAPx scores a Portfolio Manager or Trader’s innate qualitative thinking skill. TAPx results highlight those individuals who are able to think beyond the numbers and more accurately predict how markets will react. Based on the leading edge research in risk decision behavior and neuroscience, TAPx is the missing clue in hiring and investment decisions.

 Exercise the Trader Brain with Bloomberg Tradebook

“The Trader Brain Exercise is the first in what promises to become a unique suite of financial training tools that are designed based on solid scientific analysis of trading skill. To use it is akin to performing the proven exercises that enhance a piano player, a diver, a navy seal, or a pilot.”

~Peter Bossaerts, Redmond Distinguished Professor of Experimental Finance and Decision Neuroscience, University of Melbourne