Learn to Take Better Risks as a Group

Transform the vagaries of confidence into conviction for your best group decisions

Our workshops offer teams an exceptionally accurate and actionable understanding of the mental challenges of successful risk taking. You will learn to recognize your best risks, while avoiding more of the least optimal decisions. You will learn how to truly talk to one another about how conviction is evolving and develop a custom tool to use in parsing the spectrum from fear to confidence.  

Unlike most workshops, we will explain how your brain unconsciously predicts the outcome even before you analyze the data! This knowledge gets you past standard behavioral explanations to decision making tools that make a difference. You are not in fact stuck with recency and confirmation biases! 


Raise Your Results with Denise Shull

Learn the Mental Capital Strategies used by Billion-Dollar Hedge Funds

Denise has not taught a public workshop in years.  We honestly can’t remember the last time, but she is now organizing all of the best points, insights and practical tips from her ground-breaking work with some of the most successful investors, traders and professional athletes to make this one worth with your time.  This will be a unique 3-day deep dive into the true mental game of trading designed specifically for professional traders and investors and limited to just 12 participants.  

Date and Location: April 6-8, Banff, Canada

Early-Bird Registration EXTENDED until Feb 20!  Learn More.   


Our Approach - Grounded in Decision Research

Our customized workshops allow teams to truly understand the psychological side of risk decision making. Unlike any other approach, The Shull Method applied to groups is transformative. 

Expect fears and frustrations to be mitigated. Resolve slumps. Create more dedication to a shared purpose. Inspire team members to deeply understand themselves and others – the foundation for achieving big goals.

Whether you want to train a team of individuals or turn a group of individuals into a team, ReThink guides you in applying a better view of perception and judgment to your particular challenge. We customize every workshop to the needs and objectives of those hiring us.

Learn how to tell intuition from impulse. Improve how your team makes judgment calls. Learn a whole new approach to parsing conviction. Have a better strategy for handling unexpected developments. Bring each member closer to their peak potential! 

Expect team members to ask for more – as that virtually always happen when ReThink comes to teach. 

Explore Benefits by Role:​

  • Investors, Traders, Analysts
  • COOs, CROs
  • Coaches, GMs
  • Athletes
  • Agents, Directors, Producers
  • Actors, Entertainers

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