Introduction to the Trader Brain

Advanced, Self-directed eLearning to
Bring Your Trading Game to the Next Level

Learn the Truth About Your Brain +
Optimize Your Trade Execution

Have you tried to solve that losing pattern in your trading behavior but failed? Have you had a plan, been relatively disciplined and still found yourself making the same mistake?

It’s not your fault! Everyone has been working on the wrong assumptions about how your brain really makes a market decision. Therefore, you’ve been given well-meaning but errant advice that cannot work.

Our new self-directed e-course will solve the mystery (frustration!) of your trading mind versus the collective market mind. Introduction to the Trader Brain will give you the practical knowledge to solve your money-losing patterns. 

You will have more accurate strategies to reduce acting on FOMO, fear of future regret and your ego. 

Fewer Mental Mistakes = You Make More Money!

Five sections, audio, video and searchable transcripts, The Intuition Brain Game, graded and ungraded homework, the best books to read and mostly, a totally new way to understand you vs. the market – if the challenge of trading frustrates you, this unique course is for you. 

Included will be live monthly discussion groups with Denise Shull and the ReThink team and a group chat for everyone studying this unique course. Reduced fee 1-1 coaching packages will also be available to eLearn students. 

Tuition: $597 (- $67 Cyber Monday (Week) Rebate)

– includes one year of full-access to eCourse, monthly group coaching meetings and their recordings, group discussion forums and options for discounted 1-1 coaching.  

Cyber Monday (Week) Deal: $67 Rebate

(Processed as a partial refund within 48 hours)

Why try a different approach?

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Don't Just Take it From Us...

What Do You Get?

Resulting Benefits

  • More confidence in your trading
  • Fewer mental mistakes in trade execution   
  • Tools to distinguish true intuition from impulse
  • Tactics to bounce back quickly after a mistake 
  • Strategies for patience – on the entry and the exit 
  • The most accurate understanding of your personal relationship to risk 


  • Monthly live discussions w/Denise and ReThink team.
  • All recordings of live group coaching
  • Online discussion board to chat with other students 
  • Certificate of completion 
  • Option for reduced fee 1-1 elearn course coaching packages with John Burns or Evan Marks
  • Discounts on additional advanced courses to be released in 2023 

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