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In addition to leading customized workshops, Denise frequently keynotes for investing and sports conferences around the world. She is well-recognized for her uncommon ability to entertain, empathize with, and educate audiences in a whole new way – improving their decision-making, strategy and ability to perform under pressure.

Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference, 2019 Keynote: Can Psychology Radically Enhance Your Return?

LEADERS in Sport, 2018 Keynote: Making Millions and Winning Trophies: From Wall Street Traders to World Class Athletes


B. Love

"Denise Shull is a captivating and insightful speaker highly recommended for any investor or trading audience. Denise was the keynote for our ultra-high net worth investor conference — an audience of highly discerning and critical delegates. A consummate professional and thought leader in her area, Denise was both entertaining and informative, keeping the room’s attention with a well-crafted expertly delivered speech."

- B. Love, Institute for Private Investors

B. Love

"Her insights move far beyond behavioral finance, breaking new ground in helping investors and traders understand the emotional and neurological reasons for their decision-making. I cannot recommend Denise highly enough."

- B. Love, Institute for Private Investors


"Even the smartest people in the room are listening when Denise is sharing insights on how we overcome our behavioral biases. Denise tells you how to hire the X-factor of portfolio management, how PMs come back from a losing streak and how to help COO's create a coaching environment all in 60 mins."

- Avijit Choudhury, APAC Head of Capital & Consulting Services, UBS

R. Franco

"Denise is one of those rare speakers who you always hope to find: someone who can engage, challenge, and entertain an audience all at the same time."

- R. Franco, LiquidNet

A. Hare

"Denise’s presentation at MIT was intellectually stimulating, entertaining and thought provoking. Denise clearly has an extensive depth of knowledge and she was able to convey that knowledge in a meaningful and insightful way. I would highly recommend Denise to anyone wanting to learn and interested in a more accurate angle on risk decision making."

- A. Hare, MIT

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Recent Speaking Engagements

2- Denise Panel
  • Essentia Analytics’ Behavioral Alpha, You Can Solve a Bias Problem (Panel), New York, November 2019
  • UBS, Hedge Fund Leaders, Making Better Risk Decisions, Hong Kong, October 2019
  • CFA Society, Conviction is an Emotion, Grand Cayman, October 2019
  • Hedge Fund Association, Owning a Pro Sports Team vs. being a Portfolio Manager, August 2019
  • Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference Keynotes: Can Psychology Radically Enhance Your Investment Return?, Hong Kong, March 2019
  • HBO, Being More Effective in your Career, International Women’s Day, 2019 
  • LEADERS, Everything You Want from Athletes, You Can Get Via a Different Approach to How They Feel, 2018

Example Topics

  • Mind Games: The Radical Psychology of Trading, Investing and Risk
  • What Major League Coaches Can Learn from Hedge Fund Managers?
  • Accurately Answering “What are You Feeling and Why?” is a Superpower
  • It’s a Round-Earth Revolution In the Realm of Intuition

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