1:1 Coaching and Advising

Benefit from the Latest Brain and Decision Research

Learn to Understand Your Situation from a New, More Powerful Perspective

Research on how our minds work is revealing that we subconsciously predict what situations mean and make choices according to what we desire. This change in the understanding of ourselves may be as vast as when we moved from thinking the earth was flat to knowing it is round.

Instead of over-analyzing or trying to force ourselves to make the right choice, we can instead learn to be aware of what is occurring earlier in our own decision cycles. Doing so helps us make the best choices for reaching our goals  – yet it’s not a skill that has been systematically taught.

Learn how the Shull Method, with its unique blend of neuroscience and psychology, can bring you to the next level.

How 1-1 Coaching and Advising Work

You talk. We listen. Together we agree on your objectives. We ask the right questions. What are those competing subconscious predictions? Which desires line up with your vision (and which are about something temporary)? 

As you answer, we become aware of the thoughts and feelings that have been blocking you from reaching your goals. Together, we develop new and better strategies. 

As time goes on, you see yourself and your progress in a whole new light. Your confidence, optimism and determination propel you forward.

This approach is different than just about every other performance coaching or decision consulting program. With techniques for discussion rooted in the gentle empathy of modern psychoanalysis and with a respect for all thoughts and feelings, we will help you find your best self.

Whether you aspire to be a better trader or investor, a more productive professional athlete, or a more strategic and effective leader, the Shull Method will provide you the mental edge you crave. 

Explore Benefits by Role:​

  • Investors, Traders
  • Chief Risk and Operating Officers 
  • General Managers, Owners
  • Coaches, Athletes
  • Agents, Directors, Producers
  • Actors, Entertainers

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