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The Truth About Forced Optimism

It won’t make you a more confident decision-maker

Most decision and performance coaches train you to think on the bright side. But Neuroeconomics and modern psychoanalysis reveal that performance improves when we learn to recognize and comprehend all our emotions—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

At their core, fear, frustration and disappointment are meant to help us.

  • Fear ensures we’re prepared.
  • Frustration helps us identify problems, pushing us toward solutions.
  • Disappointment lets us reflect on what didn’t work and how we can adjust for next time.

Our Approach

Our coaches work with the whole person to optimize ego, boost conviction and improve self-awareness.

We will connect your unique, personal story with your struggles and repetitive mistakes, identifying the zero-point of a slump to help you move past previous errors and enjoy relief, hope and renewed confidence.

Our one-on-one coaching, based on the unique Shull Method, helps you uncover the latent power in your emotions. You will learn to let go of your fear of fear, instead using unpleasant feelings to fuel confidence, motivation and success in both your personal and professional lives.

Whether you’re a Wall Street trader, an Olympic athlete or a Broadway star, The Shull Method will provide you with the conviction, mental edge and emotion knowledge to sustain optimal performance for years to come.

Explore Benefits by Role:​

  • Investors, Traders, Analysts
  • COOs, CROs
  • Coaches, GMs
  • Athletes
  • Agents, Directors, Producers
  • Actors, Entertainers

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