Our Story

Human 2.0 : Going Beyond Conventional Wisdom.

The ReThink Group is a boutique decision and performance consultancy which leverages the cutting-edge Shull Method to improve the performance of individuals and teams. We specialize in difficult decisions and in creating the X-factor of exceptional productivity with a high impact set of assessment, coaching and workshop services.

Leaning on the latest neuroeconomics and modern psychoanalysis research into how human thoughts, feelings and behavior
actually interact, we train our clients – who come from Wall Street, professional sports and entertainment – to use advanced qualitative and emotional skills to make better high-risk decisions and to create sustained optimal performances.


  • Using a more accurate model of perception and judgement, we diagnose any mental block in an entirely more effective way. 
  • We ask the right questions to lead our clients to their highest, best and most authentic selves. We find the powerful center. 
  • We solve slumps and otherwise inexplicable situations through our radical understanding of how frustration and disappointment actually function. 

Clients become more resilient, more confident and more centered.

Armed with a more accurate body of self-knowledge, our clients find themselves less subject to their intensities, inhibitions and impulses. In professional investing, trading, sports and entertainment, the Shull Method of addressing difficult decisions and mental challenges will help you outperform the competition – particularly in the high-risk, high-pressure, high-consequence moments.

Our History

The Initial Spark


Having just finished updating her University of Chicago Master’s thesis for academic publication, Denise was discussing with a fellow trader how most of the conventional wisdom regarding rationality versus emotion was outdated. The trader encouraged Denise to write an article for a more mainstream publication, but she was skeptical anyone would publish her.


Denise’s first article, “Freud’s Path to Profits” gets published in Stocks, Futures and Options magazine. The first coaching request arrives. Denise asks for mentoring from the Modern Psychoanalysts she knows.  

The First Book


McGraw-Hill convinces Denise to write a book and MARKET MIND GAMES is born. With 5 star reviews even 8 years after publishing,  “a veritable Rosetta Stone of trading psychology”, “game changing”, “a decade ahead of its time”, it’s still often recommended on social media.


Bill Long, FRM joined ReThink and now heads a number of initiatives including our HEADSx talent assessment. 


Creators of Showtime’s hit series ‘Billions’ ask for Denise’s help on the development of the show’s character, Dr. Wendy Rhoades.

ReThink: Sports


Bill and Denise build the Trader Brain Exercise for  Bloomberg Tradebook. It  launches in July to overwhelming success. 

Launched ReThink:Sports with help from a former CBS Sports’ executive. Denise gives first professional sports keynote to the US Ski and Snowboard Association Annual Meeting.


Our first Olympic athlete client, snowboard racer Lindsey Jacobellis secured her first spot in the finals in three Olympics. She misses gold by less than one half of a second! 

John Burns, former CME Group trader, joins the ReThink Group.



Officially added the Human Performance department of Hendrick Motorsports to our roster of clients. Give an in-depth workshop to all pit crew athletes. 

We officially name our approach The Shull Method. 

Our team expands to include Evan Marks, a 25-year professional trader.

Denise is featured in The Athletic and The Akron Beacon Journal in regards to the Myles Garrett:Mason Rudolph incident during Browns vs. Steelers. 

Signed our first Broadway director and, pro sports agent from CAA as clients.

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