Performance and Risk Decision Consultants

Architecting our Clients' Optimal Results

We revitalize performers, inspire investors and reinvigorate management teams across finance, sport, arts, music and business.

The Shull Method, our signature consulting and coaching framework, leverages the latest neuroscience and psychological research into perception and judgment.

Translating the findings into practical strategies, we resolve the stubborn mental challenges of conflicting goals, behavioral biases, resilience and motivation.

Our Services

1:1 Coaching, Consulting & Advising

We begin with your experience of your challenges. What would next-level success look like to you? Motivation, confidence and resilience seem like they are the same for all of us but in fact, they operate more like a fingerprint in your individual psyche. We use our unique model to meet you where you are. We then ask the right questions to lead you to where you want to be.

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Our new short e-courses will solve the mystery (frustration!) of your trading mind versus the collective market mind. Introduction to the Trader Brain will give you the  practical knowledge to solve your money-losing patterns. You will have more accurate strategies to reduce acting on FOMO, fear of future regret and your ego.

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Training & Workshops

Our workshops teach you how to rethink thinking itself. We review the science that outlines how the qualitative aspects of a decision – confidence, conviction and belief – create the difference between success and failure. We teach team members how to navigate these elusive factors in themselves and in their teammates in a way that increases the odds of team success.

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