The Most Powerful Psychology of Risk

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Denise Shull translates the latest neuroscience of risk and high performance into actionable tactics for elite performance. She brings the findings to the Wall Street community – via mental skills coaching and education – in order to solve the enduring riddles of trading and investing behavior. Going beyond behavioral finance to the heart of perception and motivation, Shull’s work is unique and often copied.

Clients repeatedly say they wish they had found her teaching and coaching earlier.

HEADSx – Find the X Factor

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ReThink’s HEADSx assessment quantifies a trader or PM’s exceptional potential to read markets and judge risk. Unique among assessment tools, ReThink’s HEADSx measures innate qualitative thinking skill – something even quants need. HEADSx results highlight those individuals who are able to think through the numbers to more accurately predict how markets will react. Based on the leading edge research in risk decision behavior and neuroscience, HEADSx is the missing clue in hiring and investment decisions.

 ReThink: Sports

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In January of 2016, Bob Rose, formerly of CBS Sports, encouraged Denise and Bill to take ReThink’s unique approach to human performance to professional athletes.

Building on earlier work with English Soccer players and NFL defensive lineman, we have recently worked with Winter Olympians and Pro Golfers while talking to MLB, NBA and NFL teams about how revising the strategy for emotion can increase the odds of bringing home a championship. Stay tuned for updates and more details….


Halftime Traders’ Methods Analyzed

Denise Shull - Halftime traders methods analyzed