Take Better Risks.
Make Better Decisions.
Deliver Better Results.

– Even Under Extraordinary Pressure.

ReThink Performance: Decision + Mental Skills 2.0

In times like these, talking through decisions with an experienced coach is even more useful. Discussions can be like magic, in that language has a mysterious ability to clarify conflicting data. The ReThink Group consultants are ready and available to help with your decision making.

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The ReThink Group has energized professional athletes, inspired Broadway directors and emboldened chief investment officers—all by optimizing the psychological side of risk.

The Shull Method leverages the latest decision research. We solve mental and behavioral challenges that others cannot through our unique approach to the human subconscious. Our distinctive work produces results unmatched in the performance fields.

 Let us help you rethink the critical elements of decision making and bring to life the sophisticated skill of understanding valid intuitions and key emotions. Together we will drive next-level winning efforts for you and your team.

Investing & Trading

Traders, Investors
Chief Risk and Chief Investment Officers 

Better understand your convictions, capitalize on valid intuitions and strategically manage the uncertainty of financial markets to optimize your high-risk, high-reward decisions.


Pro Sports

Athletes, Coaches
General Managers and Owners

Increase resilience, sharpen your mental edge and consistently outperform the competition by learning new ways to rise to the occasion, amplify motivation and quickly recover from setbacks.



Performers, Agents 
Producers and Directors

Tap directly into the kaleidoscope of fears, disappointments and joys to create, perform, produce and  direct more elegantly. 



“Denise has a unique way of working with high-achievers to help them go further and past what may be blocking them. She is an expert at helping to navigate the complex situations in our business and helps with my decision-making process in high stress situations." 

- CAA Pro-Sports Agent

“Denise has helped me see my past in a way that no one else has, and now I am moving toward my professional soccer career in a way that encourages me. Most of, if not all, of any future success I have will be attributable to Denise."

- JB., Emerging Pro Athlete

"Denise has an unusual ability to help a decision maker understand the real, underlying drivers for the decisions they make. Her approach is highly unique and very powerful.

-Fortune 500 Pension Fund, Senior Portfolio Manager

“We brought in Denise Shull and The ReThink Group to expand our performance program and to obtain the benefits of a top-flight mental game for all our pit crews. Feedback from our athletes has been very positive and we've already experienced benefits in the races at Talladega and Dover. We look forward to continuing to learn from ReThink and to achieve the competitive advantages we anticipate will occur from our work together."
- Andy P., Director, Human Performance, Hendrick Motorsports

“Even the smartest people in the room are listening when Denise is sharing insights on how we overcome our behavioral biases. Denise tells you how to hire the X-factor of portfolio management, how PMs come back from a losing streak and how to help COO's create a coaching environment, all in 60 mins."
- Avijit Choudhury, APAC Head of Capital & Consulting Services, UBS

Denise is the Yoda of the performance coaching world - spend time in deep interaction with her and the crevices are no longer frightening, the daunting peaks gradually become scalable and a sense of enlightenment appears. I have found Denise's approach to self-regulation and sharpened awareness to be a game-changer. There is no substitute for Denise's coaching in terms of
razor-sharp uniqueness and insightfulness.

-AK, International Commodities Trader, Former London Hedge Fund Manager

Denise has been instrumental in helping me to reframe my anger. Through working with her I have learned how to harness the energy contained in feeling angry. I can identify the root of the emotion in a way that allows me to face it and decide whether or not it is productive to act on it. In a job where I am in a high-pressured leadership position, this tool has become invaluable. I have more positive energy to put toward good decision making and have improved my clarity and confidence.
-SL, Broadway Director

I have known Denise for years and have to say there is nobody better at understanding the human element when it comes to trading.
- Tommy Thornton, Hedge Fund Telemetry

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Our Services

1:1 Coaching & Advising

ReThink’s coaching and consulting is unlike any other coaching you may have experienced. Using our more nuanced understanding of human motivations, we help our clients unlock new insights and competencies. Clients come away with a more durable sense of confidence, even in the most stressful situations and careers. LEARN MORE


Our customized workshops help teams and individuals identify more robust strategies to break through to the next level of performance. By cultivating more skills in conviction analysis, risk-taking and team dynamics, participants are better equipped to handle high-risk decision making, ever-changing team dynamics and their own personal hurdles. LEARN MORE

X-Factor Talent Assessment

We offer a unique, cutting-edge tool, HEADSx, to evaluate the crucial, yet-puzzling, aspects of the so-called intangibles in hiring. Our demonstrated-skill assessment quantifies a candidate’s X-factor potential by uniquely scoring their qualitative thinking skills in situations germane to their roles.  LEARN MORE

Our Team

Denise Shull

Performance, Strategy
and Decision Advisor

Bill Long

Chief of Staff

John Burns

Senior Consultant
Performance Advisor

Evan Marks

Performance Advisor



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