R.E.A.L Workshops

ReThink Employee Engagement and Leadership Workshops focus on the very real challenges associated with human beings working in teams. Building on scientific findings in neuro and psychological science,  ReThink delivers custom workshops that result in team members experiencing

  • Mitigated Frustrations
  • Deep Sense of Being Valued
  • Freedom of Fully contribute
  • and most importantly, Renewable Motivation.

Clients repeatedly say they wish they had found “The Shull Method” earlier.

 ReThink: Sports

In January of 2016,  we launched ReThink:Sports to take ReThink’s unique approach to human performance to professional athletes. Building on earlier work with English Soccer players and NFL defensive lineman, we have recently worked with Winter Olympians and Pro Golfers while talking to MLB, NBA and NFL teams about how revising the strategy for emotion can increase the odds of bringing home a championship.

For more information about ReThink:Sports, download our infographic.

H.E.A.D.Sx Talent Test

ReThink’s HEADSx assessment quantifies a candidate’s potential to deliver the X-factor of exceptional talent. Unlike most talent assessments HEADSx is a demonstrated-skill instrument. In other words, instead of a candidate checking boxes about their style or personality, they are actually executing their qualitative thinking skills. ReThink’s proprietary algorithm, which is based on neuroscience and psychological meta-analyses, scores the answers. To our knowledge, no other talent assessment on the market delivers the insight into candidates offered by HEADSx.


Halftime Traders’ Methods Analyzed

Denise Shull - Halftime traders methods analyzed