Trading Emotions Echo the Past

A trader I coach predicted this as the best positioning for Brexit : Short the pound, short the S&Ps, long gold and short oil. This is John B. - a guy with 20+ years of very successful experience and a recent history of working on separating instinct from impulse through…

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FOMO or Fear of Feeling Bad in the Future

This morning I was talking to a coaching client and we jointly realized that to characterize one of the most powerful trading emotions as FOMO actually misses the most important point. FOMO - or fear of missing out - connotates the fear of missing an event which really isn't the…

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Why Advanced Trading Psychology is Your Best Bet

In the Annual Review of Psychology 2015, Lerner of Harvard points out that from 1970 to 1995 there were virtually NO scientific papers on the subject of emotions and judgment and decision making (JDM). From 1995-2000 there were less than 50 a year and then it began to climb. The…

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Brain Turns Statistics into Emotion!

In technical terms, the researchers call this projected emotion, "anticipatory affect". In simple terms, the results of this meta-analysis of the brain's reaction to probabilities in risk goes like this: 1. A trader or PM takes in information about the expected mean, variance or skewness of a trade. 2. The…

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ReThinking Trading Psychology 101 (version 2)

Originally posted on Business Insider, April 17. Conventional wisdom in trading psychology used to depend on two primary tenets – discipline and ‘control your emotions’. But that was before neuroscience started putting traders, poker players and other risk-gamers into brain scanners. Now that we know that all decisions depend on…

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Trader Diagnosis’ Latest Thoughts

Here are some of the things I've been thinking about: The two areas in trading that separate the men from the boys (so to speak) are: 1.) The ability to divide environmental perceptions in half and process them separately. First I ask myself what I am feeling and in doing…

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