Chop n’ Slop births Short Squeeze?

You see it all the time… a market that goes back and forth and back and forth and back and forth over the same price range. I learned to call this “chop n’ slop’ back in my Chicago LaSalle street days.

Something I observed since then, with the help of talking to about 1000 traders over […]

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“All I want to be is a day-trader.” … Why do so many people feel that way?

When I first found short-term trading, before the internet and before the term day-trader was invented, I was hooked. I was on my way to a PhD and said “skip that”. So… I have no room to talk when I ask the question with maybe a hint of perjorativeness…. but then again maybe I do.

Back […]

Trading the Market’s Profile – 6/10/09

When actually I finally listened to someone who understood auction market theory I realized that every thing I more or less knew about TA was encapsulated in a market profile chart.

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Love and Trading By Trader K

“I return from holiday rested and relaxed, to quote Ben Lichtenstein, “I have tasted the sweetest Mediterranean tomatoes brought to me by dusky maidens and washed down with oaky red wine in the shade of orange trees, I have felt real warmth from the sun on my skin again.” Pulling up a chart once more, […]

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“Blood” by Trader K

I love the smell of blood in the morning. To wake at dawn and find your order filled, a steady stream of red staining your screen, and as the day progresses to the inevitable climax, when at five in the afternoon your first targets are filled, and you witness the dying dreams of the bull […]

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Advanced Trading Psychology Course

…because a few have asked where on the blog they can find info yet I would prefer to keep the blog as a discussion, here is the link to the info on the new self-driven study course.


A more complete description and the download of an introduction is available here.

Merci beaucoup for inquiring – DKS

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Pain, euphoria and the reality of missing out by Trader K

I have to start by declaring my genius. This is no place for false modesty. I am the bee’s knees. The caterpillar’s spats. I was long 30 year Bonds last Wednesday before the Fed spoke, from 124/13, and exited the second half of my trade at 131/16.5, lower than I intended, because my charts locked […]

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Brett Steenbarger Great Post on Price Movement

Brett and I may not agree on our core ideas about trading psychology but this is an EXCELLENT description of reading price action intraday. Clearly in my mind, this is Trader-Steenbarger speaking … and thanks to one of our readers for asking me to comment.


Within the words is the real question everyone actually cares about […]

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The F’s of Trading …. No G ….

Because I was tired. I just finished reviewing the new self-driven workshop and I just reviewed the research that says if we are tired we take greater risks... and I guess I felt obliged to prove them right.

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New York Magazine “Professional” Traders

Every now and then someone calls me and asks me to recommend a “prop” firm and now I can just send them to this article –

Surfing the Tsunami, New York Mag, Feb 2 issue

Evidently this is news to the magazine but from my vantage point, this is no different than the desk I ran or […]

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