Emotional Intelligence circa 2014

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Fast Company recently wrote that EI or emotional intelligence is beginning to be considered along SAT scores in college admittance - at Yale no less! Likewise, the New York Times reported on how emotional awareness tactics are helping discouraged job seekers find work. What's up with this? Why is emotion…

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Neuroscience & The Risk Manager including White Paper The Art of Algorithmic War

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Coates, Shull, other experts weigh in on risk professionals’ attention to their discipline Thursday, May 02, 2013, Risk Professional Magazine (published by the Global Association of Risk Professionals - GARP) By Katherine Heires Over the past 20 years, advances in brain imaging technology and other methods of analyzing neural activity…

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New Model of Thinking and Emotion

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At the recent Neuroleadership summit in Boston, Lisa Feldman Barrett articulated a whole new view on the appropriate model for understanding our thinking and our feelings. "Lisa challenged some of the most deeply held ideas about how the mind works in her session. She stated that Daniel Goldman’s theory on…

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