The Intuition Brain Game

Identify that Sixth-Sense for the Market, for Risk

Portfolio Managers and Traders recognize that some people have a seemingly out-sized talent for predicting where prices will go. 

What is their secret? How do they “read” markets like they read books? 

Train Yourself to be More Intuitive!

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To help you discover, assess and train your own sixth-sense, we’ve created a unique and powerful series of exercises we call the Intuition Brain Game, (f.k.a. Trader Brain Exercise). Playing the game trains you to “hear” your instincts. Playing on a regular basis (we recommend three to four times a week for three to five minutes a day) gives you the chance to know what a valid intuitive feeling feels like!    

Brain and behavioral research shows that markets only masquerade as numbers games. In reality, investing and trading are what neuroeconomists label “intentional social risk.” Understanding this provides a powerful perspective. Predicting other people is the  pivotal skill.

To help, ReThink’s Intuition Brain Game turns classic psychology research on how humans read people into a 21st century game format. Playing teaches decision makers what it feels like to trust that informative. but illusive sixth sense.

The Science Behind The Intuition Brain Game.

The Intuition Brain Game is a unique financial training tool, designed based on solid scientific analysis of trading skill. To use it is akin to performing the proven exercises that enhance a piano player, a diver, a navy seal, or a pilot. Trading desks can now train their members to become better traders without risking the company's money. No longer will trading skill need to be considered "innate" or something that can only be learned on the job. It can be strengthened through playing a game.  
Peter Bossaerts
Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor of Experimental Finance and Decision Neuroscience, University of Melbourne

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