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Written by Denise Shull

Harnessing Emotions (PDF)

Modern Trader 2017

For years traders thought the key to success was eliminating emotion from
trading; that is as simple as eliminating oxygen. Traders can’t separate out emotions, they need to harness them.

Shooting Yourself Full of Hormones Won't Make You a Better Trader (PDF)

Absolute Return Magazine, 2014

Your emotions don’t need to be fixed. Plato erred. Reason and emotion are not opposites. Neither is the mind separate from the body. Neuroeconomics is revealing that perception and judgment emerge like a symphony from an electrochemical orchestra …

The Art of Algorithmic War (PDF)

The ReThink Group, Inc. 2013

In this market age of dark pools, contorted orders and ‘self’-learning machines, the battle not only for alpha but also for simple survival looks more like war than ever before. What can brain science teach Wall Street about both types of knowledge? Do we really know our…

The Market Mind Games Column

Psychology Today 2012-2013

This column includes 15+ original articles by Denise, including: “How Do Our Minds Really Work?”, “The Real Psychology of Stock Market Highs”, “The Trader’s Market Mind: Fear Happiness, Depression and Success” and many other topics still applicable today.

Why Stock Market Highs Beget More New Highs

Huff Post 2013

First, markets are a bit like psychics — they ‘talk’ about what is going to happen in the future. Prices historically have portended the situation 6 to 12 months from now. If you can remember back to before the financial crisis exploded, you’ll recall that the market…

Emotion + “Radical Neuroscience” = Alpha

All About Alpha 2008

If 485 respondents to a recent Watson Wyatt/Financial Times Survey should be believed, we face a protracted shortage of alpha. Despite slicing and dicing portable alpha, alternative beta, returns or holdings-based alpha, excess returns remain elusive…

Psychological Dynamics in a Madoff Made-Up World (PDF)

Hedgeworld, Opinion 2008

Amid the disgust over Ponzi’s latest appearance, courtesy of Bernard L. Madoff, tip-toes the sheepishly answered question of how the professionals got duped. The biggest bank in Spain, Nomura in Japan and BNP Paribas surely should have known better…

Freud’s Path to Profits (PDF)

Stocks, Futures and Options 2004

Every experienced trader knows that success requires developing a plausible strategy for entries and exits – first there’s the plan, and then there’s the actual trading with that plan. There’s no question that this part of the job draws on fairly intense intellectual analysis… 

The Neurobiology of Freud’s Repetition Compulsion (PDF)

Annals of Modern Psychoanalysis 2003

This paper develops a hypothesis regarding how the processes of neurological development could underlie the enactment of Freud’s Repetition Compulsion. Drawing largely on Allan Schore’s work in infant neurodevelopment as it relates to the mother and…

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