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August 2020

In this episode, we talk in depth about Denise’s style of coaching, the kinds of psychological blockages she helps her clients overcome, and how you can apply similar practices at home to unstick your own psychology and break self-sabotaging patterns.

May 2020

Listen to Beverly Goodman and Denise Shull, performance coach to hedge funds and professional athletes, discuss investor behavior, market psychology, and what you can learn to ensure you don’t make mistakes arising from emotional decision-making. 

March 2020

In this excellent interview, podcast host Steven, himself a performance coach, explores a range of themes and subjects, including Denise’s Journey from Trader to Coach, how coaching can become a powerful edge which contributes to stronger performance, and why there is resistance within the trading world to using a coach to gain an advantage. 


Denise Shull leverages neuropsychology and her own experience at the New York Stock Exchange to solve the challenges of mental mistakes, confidence crisis and slumps for Olympic athletes, Wall Street traders and corporate titans – she also consulted on US Showtime Billions. We chat to Denise on understanding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind emotions and how you can leverage impulse and intuition to overcome setbacks and drive performance.


In this episode we focus more on the behavior of the participants themselves and why traders do the things they do. Denise shares stories about different clients she has and the ways they overcome things like loss aversion, being too aggressive and not being aggressive enough. We discuss the differences between male and female traders, the advantages women have in this field and reasons why there are so few women on Wall Street.


As a decision coach and performance architect, Denise leverages her training in psychological science to solve the challenges of mental mistakes, confidence crises and slumps in Olympic athletes and Wall Street traders. Denise is known for her uncanny effectiveness in coaching, training and assessing for the X factor of human performance under pressure. 


Denise has counseled an extremely wide variety of traders with all kinds of personalities and trading styles. However, at the end of the day everyone is human and all traders have common psychological threads which she points out. When Denise analyzes a client she tries to understand a sequence of feelings that person is making and what the patterns of their feelings are.  


Sports Psychology in Quarantine

April 2020

As time away from sports gets longer and tougher for athletes, the emotional toll can be just as overwhelming as the physical. Likewise, sports fans lacking the outlet of watching their favorite player, team or season are struggling to find joy during the shutdown….



Denise’s thesis is that there’s a common mis-belief that you should “set your emotions aside when making a decision” and she will explain why this is an ineffective way to make good decisions.


In this episode, she’ll explain how she leverages neuroscience, emotion research, and modern psychoanalysis to create a mental model and strategies for solving otherwise unsolvable mental blocks. Listen, learn, and enjoy!


In this episode we ask can, and should, we set aside our emotions to make decisions in huge, high-stakes environments (like trading)? How to channel and listen to your emotions to make even better decisions.

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