Selected Podcast Appearances

The Acid Capitalist, July 2022

Psychedelic Therapy with Denise Shull and Hugh Hendry on the Acid Capitalist Podcast– tune in to learn about trading psychology, why people make the same mistakes, Billions, neuropsychoanalysis, the market as a social game and more!

Conquer Risk Podcast, June 2022

On a new episode of the Proust Questionnaire with Potomac Fund Management Inc., Denise Shull answers “seven questions nobody else in the industry thinks to ask”.


Macro Hive, April 2022

In this episode, Denise talks about why understanding perception, judgment and decision making matters,
how your unconscious affects your decision making, how to incorporate emotions into your dataset and more. 

Business Brew, January 2022

In this episode, we begin talking about anger, but it is more about managing emotions.  Managing emotions is extremely important in life and investing.  Yet, it is underdiscussed on many investment podcasts.  Hence this interview. While this a bit different, we think this podcast could meaningfully improve your results if you take it seriously. 

The Neuro Experience, October 2021

In this insightful episode Denise and I take a helicopter view of the brains of investors and traders, paying particular attention to decision making processs, limiting beliefs holding them from succeeding, how they make great decisions, and they protect themselves from losses. 

Infinite Loops, July 2021

In this episode of Infinite Loops we speak with Denise Shull, a Performance and Strategy advisor and Founder at The Rethink Group. We talk about: Role of emotions in trading and investing. Could Daniel Kahneman be wrong? Imprinting and Emotional…

Sports Illustrated, April 2020

As time away from sports gets longer and tougher for athletes, the emotional toll can be just as overwhelming as the physical. Likewise, sports fans lacking the outlet of watching their favorite player, team or season are struggling to find joy during the shutdown….

The Jordan Harbinger Show, 2019

In this episode, she’ll explain how she leverages neuroscience, emotion research, and modern psychoanalysis to create a mental model and strategies for solving otherwise unsolvable mental blocks. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

The Science Of Success Podcast, 2017

In this episode we ask can, and should, we set aside our emotions to make decisions in huge, high-stakes environments (like trading)? How to channel and listen to your emotions to make even better decisions.

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