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Raise Your Results – Workshop with Denise Shull

Learn Powerful (and Personal) Strategies for the Mental Game of Markets

What would your last year of trading or investing look like if you had been able to avoid your worst decisions?  What would the first quarter of 2021 look like through the same lens? What if you could erase your bottom 25% of outcomes?  For even the most successful traders, avoiding their worst decision patterns results in wildly different results. And that’s what we’re aiming for with this workshop – giving you the understanding and the tools to take your trading game to the next level – making even your worst days significantly better. 

A Deep Dive into Perceiving the Market in a More Profitable Way

Designed for Professional Traders and Active Investors: Denise has not taught a live public workshop since August 2007! 14 years later she intends to organize all of the best points, insights and practical tips from her ground-breaking work to make this one definitely worth your time and money.

Now SOLD OUT: August 9-12 2021 Sun Valley, Idaho

Plus: Group Prep Webinars Monthly until Live Event

Lessons, Advantages and Benefits of Attending:  
  • The Joint Probability Distribution of Successful Trading 
  • Understand why  most psychology research, and therefore most performance advice, is wrong.
  • The importance of unconscious prediction in your brain and your trading. 
  • Organize your understanding of intuition versus impulse and emotion versus discipline.
  • Avoid more instances of FOMO and Fear of Future Regret. 
  • Understand the matrix of confidence your subconscious is depending on. 
  • Address the need to be right.   
  • Dissolve your mental echoes and fractals in order to curtail repetitive mistakes. 
  • Create new mental capital and context and in turn improve your trade exits.
  • Personalize your Psych Capital strategy and tactics.
  • Understand the role of sleep, diet and breaks in trading. 
  • Develop more trust in yourself and your approach.
  • NEW: Dealing with extreme volatility
  • Develop new and more effective goals and objectives for year-end 2021.   
  • Plus, benefit from an additional 1-1 appointment with Denise after the event. Attend with the confidence that you will be able to ask questions and further improve on your strategies after the workshop ends.   
Additional Details:
  • Prep-work before workshop (available now)
  • Opening prep-work webinars on the first Wednesday of each month
  • 3 hours of instruction and in-class exercises each day (9:30AM to 12:30PM)
  • Understand and have a strategy for resolving your “Achilles heel’ of trading, whatever it may be
  • Denise’s book MARKET MIND GAMES brought to life! 
  • Welcome Meetup Sunday night, August 8th (4:30-7pm) 
  • Full Breakfast each morning and Farewell Dinner Thursday night, August 12th 
  • Organized golfing, hiking, biking in the afternoons (and time for homework!) 
  • An individual appointment with Denise after the workshop ends
  • Follow-on webinars Sept-Dec 2021
  • Total Attendance capped at 25 participants 

Tuition Rates

Regular tuition: $2850 – Now SOLD OUT. Denise looks forward to working closely with a small group of motivated traders.  QUESTIONS? Email us at

Join Denise for this One-of-a-Kind Workshop!

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