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To Blackman Capital re: How I Trade

The real clue is that the numbers (and the bars and lines they draw) are only a clue - not the real answer.

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Zweig is Almost Right – Today’s WSJ

that some other human being is going to be willing to pay a different price than you pay at some moment in the future. Markets are no more and no less.

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What Does Buying TARP Assets have to do with day-trading?


I said it on the Cavuto show on Friday November 14th – “they will come back to buying the assets because the market needs a bid. It has to find a bid somewhere and nothing will be fixed until it does.” I have said it before in this blog but since getting the &#)@)#? tag […]

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Catch a bid

I have been wondering since mid-October when they were going to give in and do the basic thing one needs to do to stabilize a market – provide a deep-pocketed bid!

In fact, I said it on the Cavuto show and have said many times since, until the Treasury starts bidding for some of these so […]

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Auction Market Theory

We still believe this is the best way to read price action. In fact, we would go so far as to say that it is the best way to integrate the ideas out of behavioral finance into a way to actually trade the markets. Put simply, being able to easily see the areas of congestion […]

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